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Kondo Method – For Closets and Relationships

It feels like everywhere you turn these days, there is constant talk of Marie Kondo and her method for determining what is bringing you joy in your environment.  As we begin to unwind the hibernation of winter, and celebrate the forthcoming blooms of spring, it’s a great time to do some serious spring-cleaning. Celebrate the joy of having a clean closet, an organized office and computer files that you can actually find. Rid yourself of what is no longer needed, and focus on what brings you joy. I encourage you to Kondo Method the people you surround yourself with. We are by-products of the people we spend the most time with so it’s very important we chose wisely.

Take out a piece of paper right now and write down a list of the 10 people you spend the most time with. These can be both personally and professionally. Then decide if these Top 10 folks are really basement dwellers or penthouse cheerleaders. Basement dwellers are your negative nellies. They are the first to tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t, when in reality they are intimidated that you might just be more successful then they could ever dream to be. These are the people that say no because yes seems far too scary. If I decided to move myself to the depths of the Amazon to make jewelry with my indigenous sisters, my basement dwellers would remind me that I don’t like hot weather; I’m not a fan of mosquito’s the size of condors nor will I like to live off the grid without internet and running water. My basement dwellers would convince me my dream was not worth another thought.

Your penthouse cheerleaders always start from a place of yes. Whatever crazy idea you might have, they are going to encourage you to make your dream a reality and be waving their pom-pom’s in support. In the same scenario as above, my penthouse cheerleaders would buy me a map so I would really know how far south I was heading for the winter. They would also see if Rosetta Stone had a program for the native dialect and send me links to websites that have cute travel clothes. They would question my intentions to make sure I had thought of everything; but not to say no to what I was hoping to accomplish. Penthouse cheerleaders don’t say yes to every idea you might have without helping you to analyze the decision. They aren’t pushovers; but rather, they want to make sure they are a solid sounding board.

It is important to take inventory of the people you are surrounding yourself with on a fairly consistent basis. Whales aren’t born with barnacles; the barnacles get stuck to them over time. Friends are the same way. Without setting your basement dwellers free, we allow their voices to become our doubts. Enough already! The great thing about life is that it is yours to design – choose cheerleaders! And joy…always choose joy!

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