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001- The Importance of Storytelling with Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg, CEO, Olive Creative Strategies

Olive Creative Strategies

Summary:      The Importance of Storytelling with Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg, CEO, Olive Creative Strategies


Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg is the founder of Olive Creative Strategies, a


The job of PR is to align with greatness and to shine the spotlight that people are doing.


There is nothing more refreshing than the good news stories that really fill you up.


Create your story through a brand perspective:

  • Do you want to be a part of your business story or does your business have its own story?
  • Do you want to be positioned as a thought leader?
  • Your business should have an authentic story or have a strong mission
  • Identify the “why” you started the business
  • Be consistently consistent with what you say you do in your business


At Olive each client goes through a Branding Discovery Exercise to help them to identify their story, their why and their mission.


What should a client look for in a PR agency?

  • Are their values aligned?
  • Ask for references
  • Evidence of results in the industry you are in


PR takes patients:

  • 4-6 months for a local campaign
  • 6-8 months for a national campaign


You only have space for 3 things at a time – you have to pick and choose.



Notable Quotes From This Episode:


  • “If I would have stayed in the same pot, I would never flower again.”
  • “What you think about me, is what you think about yourself.”
  • “Nothing great leaves your life without something better replacing it”
  • “You put your energy where your values are”
  • “When you are in alignment with your project or purpose, you are going to attract those some type of people.”
  • “You have to tell people how to talk about your brand, if not they will make it up. That leads to market confusion.”



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